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New Family Information 

Welcome to the Penny Lane Family!


Please find our recommended shopping list below, or you can download a printable version.

It also may be helpful to review our timeline and process. 

New Puppy Shopping List

Make your vet appointment within 3 days of bringing your new puppy home.


Interview prospective dog trainers, in home training is necessary until 4 months old when their shots are complete.


Your puppy is eating VICTOR HI-PRO PLUS, continue until 4 months old.  Victor can be purchased at and be found at Big R and Tractor Supply. Victor Professional is recommended after 4 months of age. We also recommend Diamond Natural's Lamb and Rice in the case of a sensitive stomach.

Vitamins-your puppy is also receiving daily vitamins. We recommend NuVet Plus K-9 wafers. These can be order at NuVet


We use MidWest LifeStage Crates. With a double door and divider, your puppy can grow into it. Available at and at Amazon.

            For miniature adult size- 36L X 24W X 27H

            For medium adult size-42L X 28W X 31H

            For standard adult size-48L X 30W X 33H

These may seem large for your puppy, but with the divider it saves you from buying multiple crates as your puppy grows. These dogs like to stretch out, so the crate sizes may seem large.


Interview groomers, your puppy will need grooming about every four weeks. They can’t go to a groomer until they are 4 months old and have had all their shots. We don’t recommend Petsmart or Petco groomers so get recommendations and do your research so you will be ready when they’ve completed their shots.


We use SPA TropiClean Fresh Pet Shampoo and TropiClean SPA Lavish Dog Conditioner.

Use a slicker style grooming brush with stainless steel pins-Miller’s Forge or Safari brands are recommended. These products are available at and Amazon.


Toys recommended are ones that are stuffed with sewn on eyes, noses-not with plastic ones as they come off and can be swolled. They like ones that crinkle too, please no squeakers.


Chew toys, hooves are great-the gold/brown ones are best. They seem harder and less smelly than the black ones. Benebone dog chew toys are also a favorite.


At eight weeks your puppy will come home with a collar/leash and a sleeping size crate, snuffle mat and a blanket with the litter scents..

Shopping List
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