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"My Experience at Penny Lane Australian Labradoodles was amazing! Margaret truly cares for her dogs. My 5 month old puppy, Bellatrix, has the sweetest temperament. She is playful and full of energy. Not only does Margaret breed amazing dogs, she is able to match you with a puppy that best fists your lifestyle and personality. Margaret stays in contact and is available for questions. I highly recommend Penny Lane Australian Labradoodles!"


"Wonderful breeder and amazing dogs with solid temperament for Assistance work. These dogs have the emotional intelligence to connect with their handlers and take to training with ease and eagerness to learn. As a trainer, I love working with these pups and recommend Penny Lane Australian Labradoodles when looking for a puppy with a stable temperament, a will to please their handler, and an eagerness to learn." 

- Lisa L. Lima, MSW, LSW, ABCDT

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